Top Tips for Simple Granite Care

Granite, although one of the hardiest surfaces out there, actually requires very special care if one is to ensure its longevity and overall visual appeal. Below are a few helpful tips to ensure simple, yet effective granite care for all types of surfaces – from kitchen countertops to backsplashes and everything in between.

Ensure that You Have the Right Tools

The first rule of thumb is never to use anything harsh when it comes to cleaning granite – this goes for both the chemicals and the cloth materials which one chooses to utilise. Soft cleaning cloths and liquid dishwashing soap (or, alternatively, a gentle disinfectant) are your best bets.

Consider Applying a Sealant

A sealant will help to protect against persistent stains and scratches, thus making it easier to ensure proper granite care. Luckily, most granite kitchen countertops will be installed only after a sealant has already been applied – however, this is not always the case. If you are unsure as to whether or not your granite surfaces have already been sealed, you can do the simple water drop test. Just pour a small puddle of water onto the stone, and if it darkens within one minute or less, you will know that it has not been sealed. If it darkens within a few minutes, it is likely that a sealant was applied in the past, but is no longer as effective. If the stone does not absorb the water at all, your granite surfaces have already been properly sealed.

Avoid High Temperatures

When cooking, never place a hot pot or saucepan onto a granite surface for prolonged periods as the high temperatures will result in the weakening of the granite and a visible decline in its appearance over time.

Ultimately, adequate granite care is dependent on one’s ability to ensure effective daily maintenance that is remains consistent. This is sure to affect the long-term staying power of this hardy, yet beautiful stone.