Hampstead house refurbishment

The hampstead house refurbishment project was carried out in a garden flat located in the best place at the center of Hampstead village. The flat needed modernization in all the rooms so that it could attract more rental income. The hampstead house refurbishment main area of focus was to create a new open plan kitchen that is fitted with drawers, en-suite bathroom and the general house refurbishment. The whole project took around 7 weeks and all the work was finished to the highest standards and expectations. After the work was completed, the whole flat apart from the kitchen and bathrooms was covered with beautiful oak designed flooring that was varnished to satin finish. 

The flat was fitted with new kitchen from Kingswood kitchen that come with AEG appliances and high quality new worktops that were curved out of composite rocks. The bathrooms were fitted and finished by using natural stone travertine tiles that were all new and shinning. Basic opening to make open plan kitchen was a tricky piece as there was some existing cracks because of top level expansions. However, with the ability of the auxiliary specialist all steel shafts and colums where outlined. The flat was completely enhanced and partially the flat required rewiring, likewise all radiators were changed for new ones, entire heating system was cleaned and protected.

Hampstead house refurbishment project is a testimony of how new technology can be blended into old building technique to come up with a completely new and unique structure. Considering that the whole project was done within seven weeks, the designers did not disappoint as they completely changed the flat and gave it a new look. This is a good example of how old houses can be refurbished instead of demolishing them and helps to keep the old architecture alive for future generations.