Granite countertops

Granite is a one of the hardest types of rock in existence, so it make sense to chose granite countertops over other materials. It is also cheaper than materials such as marble, though it is possible to get granite countertops which look like marble. This is in contrast to most people’s opinions of the material. 

Because granite is hard wearing, a work surface made of granite is less likely to scratch or chip than one made from synthetic materials or wood. It is also less likely to suffer from conditions such as mildew or mould than other surfaces. 

Granite countertops come in a range of colours, from a very dark black to an almost ivory colour. There are at least 200 colours to chose from. The colour is created by the different colour crystals, such as quartz, feldspar or mica. The lighter granites do tend to be more popular than the darker varieties, but since dark colours are not as desired as the lighter colours in kitchens this is understandable.

The tops require little maintenance. The crystals of granite are hard to damage with most kitchen implements. It is also resistant to heat and to moisture as well as being durable.

All countertops are cut from large slabs and so can be designed to your specifications. Alternatively you might go for pre-cut granite, which is less designed to your needs but is cheaper. Although people usually look for countertops for their kitchen, you may wish for one in your bathroom or in another room. You may even wish for a granite countertops in your office.
Wherever you chose to place your countertop you sure that your worktop lasts as well as giving yourself the sense of a permanent feature in your house or wherever you chose to place your countertop.